Language Primer: Chichewa

Even the least polyglot visitor to Malawi will fall for the charms of Chichewa. Indeed, as the country’s most widely known language there’s no escaping it. The trick is...

Language Primer: Enahara

For those whose tastes extend to the linguistic Mozambique Island delivers its own dialectic morsel: Enahara. This vernacular - derived from Mahkuwa, the most widely spoken...

Language Primer: Xangana/Shangana/Changana

As visitors to Maputo will attest, it's useful to know some Xangana/Shangana/Changana. A colourful language and one of Mozambique's indigenous Bantu tongues, it seems to...

Welcome to Erfoud, Last Stop Before the Sahara

While Erfoud is a striking enough destination in itself, its sobriquet gives it a whole new dimension. This is the so-called 'Gateway to the Sahara' and for many the last stop...
Camel, Morocoo

Morocco Road Trip, Part 1: Setting Off in Search of an African Desert

With the sun beating down overhead and no clouds to encumber it, I found myself in motoring along outside Tinejdad, Morocco when the figure stepped into the middle of the...

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